Rosacea is a very common chronic skin condition. There are several different forms of rosacea. Some types only cause redness in the skin, broken blood vessels, and flushing. Another type cause redness and acne-like breakouts, and there is a form that can actually cause changes in the contour of the nose and chin. The eyes can be affected, as well. Most often, redness in the face is on the nose and cheeks; however, the redness can slowly involve other areas of the face as well.
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While there is no cure for rosacea, there are a number of treatments that can be pursued, including prescription topical medications, low-dose oral antibiotics and laser treatment. Fromm Dermatology is one of the first in the Black Hills to bring  Cutera’s excel V laser, an award-winning laser proven to help aid in the treatment of rosacea. Read more about this laser treatment!

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